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Junior Video Editor

Studiollin, Dehiwala-Maharagama Road, Maharagama, Sri Lanka

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

As a Junior Video Editor, you will be responsible for supporting the video production team in creating engaging and visually appealing content. Under the guidance of senior editors and producers, you will contribute to various stages of the video editing process, including assembly, rough cuts, final edits, and post-production tasks. This role requires a combination of technical proficiency, creativity, and attention to detail.


1. Editing:
Edit video content following established guidelines and creative briefs. Assemble raw footage and apply appropriate cuts, transitions, and effects. Ensure video content meets quality standards and brand guidelines.

Assist in the post-production process, including audio editing, color correction, and adding graphics or animations.Collaborate with other team members to ensure a seamless final product.

3. Content Organization:
Manage and organize video assets, ensuring a systematic and accessible file structure. Collaborate with the production team to ensure efficient workflow and file sharing.

4. Collaboration:
Work closely with producers, directors, and other team members to understand project requirements and objectives. Incorporate feedback from team members to refine and enhance video content.

5. Software Proficiency:
Utilize video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve) to execute editing tasks. Stay updated on industry trends and advancements in editing software.

6. Quality Control:
Conduct quality checks on edited content to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to specifications.
Troubleshoot and address any technical issues that may arise during the editing process.



  • Basic Knowledge in video editing software

    (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro).

  • Understanding of video production processes and techniques.

  • Basic knowledge of audio editing and color correction.

  • Creative mindset with a keen eye for visual storytelling.

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.

Key Skills:

  • Video editing software proficiency (Adobe Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve)

  • Attention to detail

  • Creativity and storytelling skills

  • Time management and organizational skills

  • Team collaboration and communication

About the Company

STUDIOLLIN is also known as Studio – All in, is a multidisciplinary creative digital & marketing agency providing a wide range of tailored content production & marketing services throughout Sri Lanka. We have years of experience as freelancers in the creative industry, producing exciting & meaningful experiences for many renowned brands and emerging local businesses.

Simply, we are photographers, cinematographers, designers, strategists, creative directors & Social Media gurus. Studiollin will take care of your brand’s entire digital presence.

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